Homemade Bloody Marybailys mojito

RandomCocktails – House Regulars

Lemon Ginger Whiskey -House-infused ginger whiskey & homemade ginger lemonade on the rocks w/ citrus garnish.

Cucumber Gin & Tonic – House-infused and garnished w/ fresh cucumber & lime.

Tart y Margarita – Sauza Silver made Random, Tart y Fresco. Sweet Tea

Ginger Rum & Basil – A pint of sweet tea, ginger rum, lemon & fresh basil.

Random White Russian – Water Avenue Espresso Vodka and Kahlua w/ a splash of half & half over ice.

Ginger Hot Toddy – House- infused ginger whiskey & our own lemon-ginger clove-honey concotion w/ hot water.

London Fog – Brandy, Earl Grey & honey w/ steamed milk & nutmeg.  Cheers mate.

Sassy Berry – House-infused chili vodka, sweet raspberry, and soda on the rocks w/ a sweet n’ salty rim.  This lady has sass.

Spiked Arnold Palmer – Vodka, Tao of Tea Roase Petal Black Iced Tea, House-made Ginger Lemonade on the rocks w/ lemon.

Coffee Drinks – Hot or Iced

Irish – Whiskey, French Press, & Turbinado sugar w/ fresh whipped cream. Sláinte!

Nudge – Brandy, Crème de Cacao, Coffee Liqueur & French Press w/ whipped cream & cocoa. Cozy.

Bailey’s & Coffee – Water Avenue French Press, Bailey’s & fresh whipped cream.  Perfect w/ Pie.

Day Changers

Bloody Mary – Homemade Spicy Mary Mix, Vodka w/ a seasoned salt rim and a stick o’ pickled stuff, lemon & lime…a bloody good time!

Spicy Mary – house-made Mary Mix, house-infused chili vodka w/ a stick of pickled stuff, lemon, lime & a salted rim.

Mimosa – Organic Columbia Gorge O.J. & Sparkling Cava.  Sunshine in a glass.

Manmosa – Lager + Homemade Ginger Lemonade = Metroperfect.


Sangria – Fresh & Fruity.  Like the best of us.

Spiked Mulled Cider – Takes the chill outta any evening.

Beer & Wine

We have it.  Love Locals, Hyper Locals and other Delicious Beer.

If you’re not having sex, you should be eating pie.