May Cocktail Special

5-buckaroos for a refreshing Mint Julip… ALL MAY LONG!!!



So put on yer big, showy hat and get lost in the spring heat with a couple of these bad boys.


Rhubarb Rhules Pie Giveaway

May is the perfect month for the vegetable known as the “Pie Plant!”  As if that distinction isn’t weird enough, it’s also got an “H” in its name for some reason.

Why?  It’s a mysterhy!!!

This week, Random Order will be giving away one of Portland’s most favorite-est rhubarb pies!


Here’s how to win some pie:

Step 1 – Instagram some rhubarb

We’re talking farmer’s market rhubarb, grocery store rhubarb, in the ground rhubarb!  Rhubarb any place, any where, any make, any model just take the damn shot!

Step 2 – Tag Random Order in it


Random’s favorite shot will be selected this Friday, with the winner taking home some our magical rhubarb gold!

Banana Cream Pie Class

Join Random Order Lead Pastry Chef Hillary Kirkton for a hands on Banana Cream Pie Cooking class!

Hillary will guide you through the methodology, science, philosophy and commitment it takes to building the world’s greatest banana cream pie, made with Whole Trade bananas, with everyone getting to sample what they bake!

The class is almost filled, so please email Kristin at Whole Foods or call guest services at 503.525.4343 to sign up.



Date: Sunday, April 28, 2013 – 2:00 to 3:30
Location: Salud in the Pearl store
Cost: $35 donation to the Whole Planet Foundation

April Cocktail Special

Introducing…La French 75.

Random’s drink du jour this April.


Our customers are telling us it goes great with Oregon Cherry, but we’ve just been drinking it straight. #lahiccup

Happy Hour Never Tasted So Good.




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Ready for Some Pie?

From sweet to savory and chocolate to cream-based, we here at Relish don’t discriminate when it comes to baking (or sampling) the hundreds of unique crust-based concoctions that fall under the “pie” umbrella. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Pies in America. Give ‘em a taste of your own!
—By Jennifer M. Wood

Read more:


Pie & Cocktails = Lovers Evening

Pie is for Lovers.

Sweetie Pies

Love Eating Pie – We’re offering Pie & Cocktail Packages to set the mood – Flirty, Romantic or Up for Anything.







Sweetie Pie Date:  2 RO V-Day Cocktails, A slice of Pie to Share & 2 Linzer Heart Cookies.   $20

Valentine’s Stag:  1 RO V-Day Cocktail, A slice of Pie to Enjoy & 1 Linzer Heart Cookie.  $11

Kick Off at the Sweetie Soul-cial – Wednesday 2/13!  DJ Spinning Heart Stoking Hits 8-Midnight.

Special Runs through Sunday 2/17.







Nothing says Love like Eating Pie. 

Random Order Valentine’s Cocktails

Chocolate Old Fashioned:  Temperance Trader Bourbon, Creme de Cacao, muddled cherry & orange with a dash of bitters on the rocks.

Chocolate Russian:  New Deal Mud Puddle Vodka, Kahlua, splashed w/ cream on the rocks w/ a cherry.

Choco-tini:  New Deal Mud Puddle Vodka, Creme de Cacao and a string of cherries, shaken & served up.

Sparkling Kiss:  Sparkling Wine, Pomegranate, Cherry







If you’re not having sex, you should be eating pie.

xoxoxo Random Order


T-Day Pies – Order to Enjoy…


“Old World Apple Farm” Apple –  A delicious celebration of local organic heritage apples from the  “Old World Apple Farm.”    You have no idea how good apples can be.

Tahitian-Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple –  Organic local apples tumbled in our homemade caramel and laid to service under a vanilla sugar-salted crust.  Crimony.

SDF-PDX Salted Pecan – Temperance Trader Bourbon, Sea Salted Top – it’s velvety smooth w/ just the right bite.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Spirited Pumpkin  – Dark rum and plenty of  warm spices  make this a pumpkin pie to remember.

‘New Deal’ Coffee Cream – New Deal Coffee Liqueur Pastry Cream topped w/ fresh whip & espresso dust. F.D.R. would approve.

 9” Pie Serves 8.  $ 35 $5 refundable w/glass pie plate return in 14 days

Pie Ordering Instructions:

1.  Order by Saturday, November 17th – call 971.340.6995 or come in.

2.  ORDER EARLY – Our small hardworking kitchen can accommodate a limited number of special orders.

3.  Payment due at time of order – Visa/Mastercard & Cash.

4.  SCHEDULE YOUR PICKUP – Times available Tuesday evening through Thursday morning. Pick up times are limited, so order early to get the best time.

5.  Pick up at 1800 NE Alberta at your scheduled time and ENJOY!

6. Questions?

Savory Potpies, Pumpkin Carvin’ & Cocktails…

  Join us & Soul-cialze!

Carve a pumpkin, have a cocktail and taste our new savory pie  flavors —

Tails & Trotter Pork & Apple Handpies and Fort George Cavatica Stout Mushroom & Potato Potpie — Get your groove on – Wednesday Oct. 24th –

DJ starts at 8 p.m.   Spinnin’ soul – for to carve by.


Fort George Stout, Creamy Mushrooms & Potatoes…the best.