Thanksgiving Pie Ordering – Menu & Facts.

We’re taking Thanksgiving Pie orders!

Random Order is taking orders for Thanksgiving pies.  Recently dubbed “Pie City” in OPB Arts & Life, our small batch bakery makes authentic hand-rolled pies using exceptional care and high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

The Random Order Thanksgiving Pie Menu:

“Old World Apple Farm” Heritage Apple

Spirited Pumpkin

Kentucky Pecan

Coconut Cream

Tahitian-Vanilla-Salted Caramel Apple


Order by Saturday, November 19th, we can take a limited number of pre-orders.

Order by calling 971-340- 6995 – OR  visit the shop at 1800 NE Alberta.

Pies can be picked up Tuesday evening – Thursday morning.  Pick up times are limited, so order early to get the best time!

There will also be whole pies available in the shop the week of Thanksgiving for carryout on a first come, first serve basis.

Pies are $30 dollars + $5 refundable pie plate deposit – returned to you when the plate is brought back  w/ in 14 days.  Payment is taken at the time of the order.

Pick up & Enjoy!  Happy Holidays!