Pies and Pastries at a few other places…

Random Sweet & Savory Pies and Pastries are landing at a few other places soon including…

Violetta @ Director Park

We can’t wait for the beautiful space in Director Park to be finished.
The Etta Truck is great. Violetta promises to be outstanding. Check it out…the sun is shining!

Enjoy the long days. I’m gonna enjoy a Sweet Tea Ginger Rum w/ Fresh Basil while I sit in the sun. I’m not joking I love these things.

Did someone say Rhubarb?

Here it is people, local, organic and spectacular in every regard.
You’ll find it in our muffins and in our pie. I’m particularly keen on our newest seasonal fruit pie —  straight up rhubarb, tossed around in orange & vanilla and topped w/ ginger streusel.